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Opening Friday, July 17: Phil Rader & Edge Member Show


Surprises – Phil Rader
Each abstract work in Surprises, the new series of abstract oil paintings by Philip Rader, were created to mirror life. The artist’s intention was to make his subconscious mind a visual reality and demonstrate the immediacy, emotion, and surprises he encountered during this process.


States of Transition – Edge Members
Showcasing art from a variety of members, this year’s Member Show exhibits the diversity of talent represented among the gallery’s gifted membership. The exhibit includes paintings from Katherine Johnson, Gayla Lemke, Dennis Pippen, Stephen Shugart, Susan Smolinski, and Nolan Tredway; sculptures by Hee-Hun Cho, Joshua Goss, Susan Hazaleus, and Ken Peterson; and mixed media pieces by Joan MacDonald, Dania Pettus, Jennifer Pettus, Mala Setaram-Wolfe, and Faith Williams.

The show will feature finished, contemporary artwork of varied mediums from more than a dozen of EDGE’s artists as well as live demonstrations of artwork in progress each Saturday of the show.

Now Showing June 5 – 21: Wynne Reynolds, Maggie Stewart, Nolan Tredway & Ken Peterson

Magpie – Wynne Reynolds
Magpie emerged from Wynne’s lifelong love of odd and ends, as well as the array of skills required to bring them to life. The pieces are made from reclaimed materials, photos and drawings by the artist, found objects, and other
ephemera. We are all Magpies, collecting trinkets, stories, and insights — the fragments of life.

Liquid Color – Maggie Stewart
Abstract hand dyed silks! Large expanses of color inspired by nature.

Sciamachy – Nolan Tredway
Nolan Tredway combines traditional Old Master and modern techniques to tiptoe into the taboo territories of psychedelia, illustration, and mythological iconoclasm. He explores worlds both accessible and mysterious, with thoughtful and open-ended narratives drawing from dreamscapes to sociopolitical commentary.

W.T.F. – Ken Peterson
New works in mixed media; dri-wall mud, house paint, boat shellac, roots, and other found materials. Exploring what objects do we consider to be art objects, and who decides.

Now Showing: 5/15 – 5/31 Katherine Johnson & Deborah Henson


Connecting Dark & Light – Katherine Johnson
Is darkness a statement in a field of light or is light the message offered by the shapes of darkness? Through focusing on the juxtaposition and interplay of light and dark, with a limited color palette, my work brings a sense of pared down reality. I see the dark and light paintings as exploring the meaning of darkness and light in myself and in the world


Sit – Deborah Henson
“My loss was the death of the Polaroid. My gain was the iPhone. That camera allows for an obsessive, continual adaptation of the image. My photos are displayed with chairs or other seats, to permit a stillness that the iPhone image rarely experiences.”

Now Showing: 4/24 – 5/10 Dennis Pippen & Selected Art Students League of Denver Faculty

The Enigma of Frog and Toad

Magically Delicious – Exhibition at Edge Gallery of pop art paintings by Dennis Pippen.  The focus is on optical effects and jarring color combinations with an emphasis on satire and humor. Themes include rodeo, gun culture and classic cartoons.

Grove detail

Euclidean Space: A dimensional transformation of art.
Select faculty members of the Art Students League:  Homare Ikeda, Mark Friday, Gayla Lemke, Mark Lunning, Nura Mascarenas, Marianne Mitchell and Jeff Wenzel, will exhibit a range of multi-dimensional work.  Artist reception May 8, 6 – 10 pm.

March 13 – March 29 Stephen Shugart

Stephen Shugart – Modern Camping


Stephen Shugart’s multi-media installation, Modern Camping, opens at Edge Gallery March 13 –March 29. Shugart is a light artist, sculptor and painter. He is interested in creating personal landscapes of the mind through alteration of human visual perception with “landscape viewing devices.” Shugart has recently shown at the Incite/Insight nationally juried show at the Ft. Collins Lincoln Center and was a participant in the 2014 Artocade, art car show in Trinidad, CO with Phase 1 of his 4 x 4, all-terrain mobile light sculpture and landscape viewing truck.

The truck’s viewing cowl, a light installation by itself, will be on display, in addition to video documentation of the driving experience on national forest roads, and other supporting visuals and devices. Modern Camping investigates a novel way of viewing the natural world. It is a new mode of landscape art–a landscape art experience rather than necessarily a painting or photograph of landscape. Modern Camping is a fusion of lighting technology and nature, directly embodying and synthesizing the nature/civilization duality of our day. Colored light, Shugart says, invokes spirituality and oneness as nature does. Both experiences are complementary and meditative—light is a medium that can capture the illusive interior light of the mind when eyes are closed…when eyes are open and present.

Jan 30 – Feb 15

Opening reception: Jan 30, 6-10 p.m with performance by COP CIRCLES

David D’AgostinoBoy Falling Out of the Sky


David D’Agostino’s inter-media landscape installation offers glimpses into alternate worlds populated by the Bulgarian Carnival, traumatized animals, Gregorian chants, hanging boys, over-development of Denver neighborhoods, and The Fall of Icarus.

BOY FALLING OUT OF THE SKY (2015) demonstrates D’Agostino’s unique approach to storytelling in which dark humor and absurdity function as central forces. The Bulgarian Carnival is the pivotal microcosm where repulsion and fascination, the will for appropriation of our senses, and the complexity and idiosyncrasy of human imagination all combine to conflate ‘what we don’t know, but what we think we know’.

In collaboration with the Atlanta Poets Group, Kelly Brewer, Corrina Espinosa, Carol Helm, Mango Katz, Mia Fagley, Claire Leavitt, Luke Leavitt, Daniel Nilsson, and Mariana Seriska.

Rocky Mountain College of Art & Design • Marie Weimer

Disequilibrium is part of our experiences and memories; we have all felt unstable at some time in our lives. For instance, migraines are an overwhelming sensation that makes lights, sounds, and movement intense and debilitating. The disequilibrium migraines cause in our body affects our experience of the world and enacts the urge to shut everything out in order to relinquish its hold on our reality. The motion in my photo series Volatile Motion shown alongside the video Migraine establishes the connection of migraines to motion in an experimental process that is dependent on light, time and sound. The process of long exposures allows for interesting lines, abstraction of the human figure, transparency and layered textures. These elements of migraines and motion go hand in hand with their distortion of the usual day.

Marie Weimer is a BFA candidate for 2015 at the Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design majoring in Photography and Video.


Application Deadline: February 1