10/9/2015 – 10/25/2015 JOSHUA GOSS & JENNIFER HOPE


Ductile Compression 2.0 – Joshua Goss
Joshua Goss, B.Sc. Geology, MFA Metals, is a sculptor/artist who uses fabrication and blacksmithing techniques to simulate geological processes and transformations.

Ductile Compression 2.0 is characterized by the uplift and faulting that originates from the collision of tectonic plates. As mountains rise, fractures and folds expand through the Earth’s crust. With exposure to the atmosphere, organic textures are etched into underlying structures and patterns are revealed. The series of work exhibited in Ductile Compression 2.0 embodies the idea of time and material. Time is shown by the movement and offset of the layers – over millions of years horizons that were once flat become juxtaposed. Iron is a result of mineralization; a product of metamorphism. Metamorphism is a change that sedimentary and igneous rocks undergo when exposed to time, heat and pressure.


Ornament – Jennifer Hope
Jennifer Hope’s new paintings are a formal expression of motion and color on a large scale.