Stephen Shugart

In my artwork at Edge, I explore and apply American master artist James Turrell’s aesthetic discoveries and theories with innovative, sometimes funhouse twists on his ideas in order to make this esoteric work more accessible, smaller in scale and common place.

I work with “ready-mades,” found objects, disposable “stuff,” creating lighted volumes of space in everyday objects and the detritus of our culture, reinventing and transforming them into art objects that invite deep contemplation. I also design and create light sculptures, light environments and light paintings “from scratch.” I am interested in investigating ways of creating altered landscape viewing experiences in which the viewer is an active participant.

I am also a published short story writer, produced and published playwright, book reviewer, poet, and have taught at UCD, Metro State, CCD, CSU. In addition, I have been an online instructional design consultant for institutions of higher learning around the country.

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