Faith Williams

People are my subject. I am interested in the formal beauty and shape of the human figure. I seek to engage viewers through the expressiveness of hands, faces, and body language. This focus is rooted in a belief that we all have an affinity to images of people; we intuitively empathize and connect through familiarity.

Conceptually, I am interested in the role of community and human connectivity in our lives. I am fascinated by human interactions with one another, with environments, with contemporary culture, and with daily objects.

I question my own habits or experiences, then seek to find universal themes shared by others. Ultimately the artwork is a synthesis of what I find important or interesting about these subjects in order to raise important questions about what it means to be human.

Faith Williams received her BFA in Studio Art from the University of Denver, and has a MA in Education. Professionally, she teaches drawing and creates custom design work and scientific illustrations. Collaborations include projects such as Public Coffee, Artist Peer Critiques (APC), and community murals.


Scientific Illustrations

Public Coffee

Artist Peer Critiques

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